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Tips & Tricks To Keeping Your Interior Clean

Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Blog, Steve's Blog

While I’m grateful that we enjoyed a white holiday season, I’m ready for the snow to be gone. The sleet, snow, and salt are tracked into our homes and vehicles leaving messy slop across floors, embedded into carpets, and wherever else they work their way into. My wife, Annette, and I are always telling our kids to wipe their feet. This is more challenging when entering our vehicles. I taught my kids a trick when they get into my truck. They climb in and spin their legs out of the car, click their feet together a couple of times to knock most of the snow from their boots. It’s not a perfect plan, but it helps reduce the amount of gunk getting into my ride. For the best results, combating the wear and tear of salt/snow/sleet: rubber mats come...

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Automotive Detailing: Why We Offer Custom Pricing

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Blog, Steve's Blog

A lot of people ask me questions about Ultragloss pricing. The biggest one: why does your automotive detailing pricing vary? If you walk into any body shop the estimate will vary. Sure there’s bottom figures to go off of, but depending on the damage and the exact location, the car, etc.; a technician has to thoroughly evaluate the damage. I feel the same way about details. Why should someone who gets a regular detail, whose car probably isn’t that trashed have to pay the same price as the person who hasn’t done anything to their interior in years? Why should the person whose exterior has just been subject to every day driving have to pay the same price as the person who just took their vehicle off-roading? The answer: they shouldn’t. Another reason we do this is based on...

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