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Competition Makes Us Look Good

Interiorz Interior Vehicle Repair

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Divisions

Interiorz specializes in interior car repair including auto upholstery repair, leather repair, and a multitude of surface repairs for the interior of your vehicle. Our technicians can repair and restore damaged leather, velor, vinyl and plastic parts for a lot less than costly replacement. If your vehicle’s interior surfaces are ripped, faded, cracked, stained or have other damage you will be amazed

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Cosmetic Repairs: Why You Need a Specialists

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in Blog, Steve's Blog

This holiday season the top gift in the United States was a fancy I-pad or a Kindle Fire. Just a short time ago, wasn’t it Blackberry? Technology has changed everything and has transcended industries. Even in our industry we have had to go through some major “upgrades”. I had a customer in the other day that had gone to a body shop and got an estimate done. A lot of body shops rely on a program that helps calculate all the costs that go into and as a result, a lot of places end up costing around the same price. You get three estimates done and there’s not a huge difference between any of them. People come into my shop and they’re shocked because we can take care of those nasty cosmetic collision repairs at a fraction of the...

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