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Competition Makes Us Look Good

Freebie First for Web Followers

Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Blog, Steve's Blog

We have an ad that will be hitting the radio soon about our newest special. I thought it’d be nice to give our web followers a chance to get this deal sooner. We’re offering a decontamination service ($65 value) for free when you purchase an interior detail. If you want a clean car done professionally, now is the time! You know what sends chills down my spine? Kids are back in school and they seem to pick up these bugs… I’ve noticed flu bugs, colds, and other illnesses going around like wild fire. When you or your child(ren) get sick, typically you go into cleaning mode. At least that’s what my wife and I do. You wash the sheets and bedding, wipe down surfaces, and everything else to rid your home of the germs. And you do it more...

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