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Competition Makes Us Look Good


Interiorz, a division of Ultragloss, offers affordable leather and vinyl repair services to recondition and repair leather surfaces throughout your vehicle.  Our automotive leather repair service restores the damage to your leather, adding value to your vehicle.

Most commonly, people use our leather repair services prior to a lease turn in because our services are more affordable than the competition. In most cases cracked leather- the result of everyday wear and tear, preventable with a deep reconditioning treatment.

To prevent cracking, the Ultragloss Detail department can maintain your leather surfaces as part of our complete interior detail.   Our detail department will recondition your leather interior which keeps your leather strong instead of weak and brittle which inevitably results in cracking.

Leather seat repair

For more leather seat repairs and Interiorz Before and Afters, click here.

If you have a burn hole in your leather seat, the Interiorz division at Ultragloss can repair and recondition the area, the damage virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

For all of your automotive leather needs, visit Ultragloss.