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Competition Makes Us Look Good


Ultragloss offers quality headlight restoration services to transform cloudy headlights to their original condition.  Headlight restoration is an affordable alternative to costly replacement and our specialized process lasts.  We’re not just going to clean it up and mask the source- we’re going to repair and restore the headlights.

There are many reasons you should get your headlights restored.  For starters, it weakens your nighttime visibility.  When your headlights are foggy, the light projected is dimmer.  Aesthetically speaking, it can take away from the finish of your vehicle.

We typically charge about $65 to restore your headlights.  Replacing your headlights may cost a couple hundred dollars.  Speak with an Ultragloss Appearance Specialist to see what option is best for you.  If you have any questions please contact us (feel free to upload a photo of the headlight as well).