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Dent Removal

Our Dentz division offers paintless dent removal.  Paintless dent removal costs less than traditional paint repairs because the process does not use paint.  It’s the only method to remove a dent from your vehicle and keep your factory paint.


Traditional Paintless Dent Removal

The Dentz specialize in the art of paintless dent removal (PDR).   Some dents most professionals wouldn’t think could be repaired, our Dent Repair Specialists have been able to remove.  Sometimes it is hard to predict if a dent can be removed without using paint and one of the benefits of Dentz being part of The Ultragloss Family, is we’ll apply any money spent on the paintless dent repair towards a traditional paint repair.


Hail Damage Repairs

Dentz offers hail damage repair services.  In the unfortunate event that your vehicle acquires hail damage, our Dentz team can help you restore your vehicle back to its original shape.  We work with most insurance companies and since hail damage falls under comprehensive coverage, your monthly premiums should not be affected.  See our Hail Damage FAQ for more information about our hail damage repair services.


Frequently Asked Questions about Paintless Dent Repair

People often have many questions about our paintless dent repair services. We’ve complied a list of frequently asked questions to better service our customers


What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Also know has paintless dent removal, PDR is a technique of removing a dent from an automobile without using paint. We use specialized tools to massage the dent out and restore the vehicles shape.


How do I know if my Dent can be Removed without Paint?

The major factors to consider with a paintless dent repair are the location and size of the dent. If the paint has been cracked, you will need paint. We can fix small and large size dents without using paint depending on the size and location of the dent.
Our Automotive Appearance Specialists will access your vehicle to determine the likelihood of a successful PDR. In some cases a severe dent with no cracked paint in a difficult location of the automobile runs the chance of turning into a paint repair during the paintless dent removal process. This is something you will know prior to work being done on your vehicle. Today’s factory paints are flexible and most will not be damaged by the process. This technique is the only way to repair a dent and keep your factory paint. Should your vehicle need paint, we will put any money spent on the paintless dent repair towards a traditional paint repair.
For the most accurate estimate, please visit our shop Monday-Friday. Call the shop at 330-252-9011 for more information or contact us online.


Will My Dent Completely Go Away?

Each dent is unique. In most cases, smaller dents do come out all the way. The deeper the dent is, the more difficult is to restore the area 100%. Most people are amazed by the results of the PDR process. When you stop by to get your estimate, the specialist will be able to determine the level of improvement and discuss the repair options with you.


How Much Does it Cost?

Our PDR services starts at just $50, but the costs vary depending on the size and location of the dent.


How Long Does PDR Take?

Most repairs will be completed in less than a business day. Your specialists will provide you with more information when you get an estimate.