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Lot Services

The Ultragloss Family offers a variety of automotive appearance services to meet your demands.  Request a Consultation Here.

Mobile Paint Repair

Ultragloss offers a variety of paint repair services. We’re not your traditional lot service company, we offer a number of paint solutions to better your inventory affordably. Bumper repair, scratch removal, touch up and more. Request a consultation with a complimentary demo and let us show you what Ultragloss can do for you.

Mobile Dent Removal

Our mobile paintless dent removal / repair specialists are experienced preforming the art of paintless dent repair. They will work directly on your lot and restore your dented inventory to its original shape.* Our mobile dent repair specialists have over 25-years combined experience. Some of which have traveled state-to-state for specialized hail repairs. This saves your shop time and money, because you’re working with experienced professionals that know how to perform a quality job in little time.
Most paintless dent repairs are less expensive than traditional paint and body work. It’s a great way to earn more from your inventory. When you have dents removed it adds to the cosmetic appeal of the vehicle and helps maintain the vehicle value.

Mobile Interior Repair

Interiorz specializes in Interior car repair and auto upholstery repair. Our technicians can repair and restore damaged leather, velor, vinyl and plastic parts for a lot less than replacement costs. If the vehicle’s interior surfaces are ripped, faded, cracked, stained or have other damage you will be amazed at the results of our state of the art repair process.
Choosing Interiorz Auto Repair helps you save hundreds and our average repair is completed in less than an hour. Our basic repairs include: leather, plastic trim scuffs, vinyl, cloth & velour, headliners, dashes, cigarette burns, interior panels, carpet, steering wheels and more.

Mobile Rim Repair

Add value to your inventory by repairing the rims and hubcaps on your lot. Our Rim Repair Specialists have developed a technique to properly restore damaged rims and hubcaps. More affordable than costly replacement, our professional Rimz team can transform corroded, scratched, scraped and chipped rims to a sellable condition.

Mobile Glass Chip Repair

Our mobile glass repair specialists can take out those annoying chips in your inventory’s windshields and most of our glass repairs can performed in about 1 hour.

More Information

For customized pricing, inventory analysis, and any additional questions call the shop at (330)252-9011 OR Request a Consultation Here.